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Camp24h portal has been created to popularize and inspire travel enthusiasts to take up independent travel; it aims to become a fulfillment of dreams of people for whom traveling is something far more than just a momentary distraction from reality: it is a consuming passion and deeply embedded philosophy of life. The Camp24h portal is focused on tourism which will allow travelers to plan memorable vacations.

Our goal:

The goal that guides Camp 24h is to create a list of European and global accomodation places. We want to reach the most remote and inaccessible sites. We want our portal to be a beacon providing information on the details of particular places, such as addresses, locations, number of camping places available, the nature of the region and its attractions. Moreover, Camp24h provides you with valuable information, such as feedback, reviews, comments, or advice for both tourists and owners.


The founder of Camp24h is an absolute travel enthusiast, a lover of mountain expeditions and photography. He has visited over 40 countries worldwide, such as Sweden, Norway, Andorra, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, (including islands of Majorca and Tenerife), Italy, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Madeira, Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, (including Tasmania), Hong Kong, Macao, Canada (Vancouver), Toronto, Cuba, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina – with still more places to visit on his list. He has crossed thousands of kilometers just to discover new unknown lands and to immortalize all his wonderful memories in photographs. He views each trip as an exploration of further mysteries and getting to know yet another culture and customs of the region. The Camp24h portal is an expression of the passion of its creator and its goal is to inspire you to begin an "independent journey" following your own preferences to give you the most profound joy and satisfaction.